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Who We Are


GLEEHD (Governance, Leadership, Economic, Environmental and Human Development) Foundation for Leadership and International Development is an international organization headquartered in the United Kingdom with an African Secretariat in Nigeria, established to promote the development of Africa. GLEEHD is an independent, not-for-profit international organization which seeks to promote Africa Renaissance by fostering Good Governance and Democracy, Advancement of Economic and Entrepreneurial Development, Promotion of Human and Children’s Rights, and Advocacy for Youth Development and Participation in Africa. GLEEHD works to achieve this mission by working in partnership with African public institutions, civil society groups, as well as regional and international development partners.

We strongly believe that Africa—rich in human and material resources—can with the right blend of good leadership, equitable distribution of wealth, and academic cum economic empowerment, rise to the top of human and societal development. Robbed of her shine by decades of exploitation and misrule, it is our responsibility as Africans to light up our continent. Here at GLEEHD we have chosen to play a critical role in engendering Africa’s re-birth. Poverty eradication is the greatest global challenge facing the world; and with a large percentage of the world’s poor from Africa, the continent has a big role to play in ending poverty, an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. The bulk of our intervention is focused on our youth and women who make up the majority of our continent’s population and are also, sadly, the most neglected groups of our society. We are investing heavily in them because we recognise that they are endowed with the largely untapped potential and resources needed to reshape the future of Africa.

Formed through a merger of GAAVOHCR (General Action Against the Violations of Human and Children’s Right) Nigeria and the Africa Diaspora Youth Forum (UK) in 2010, GLEEHD is better equipped to serve as it promotes Good Governance and Socio-Economic Development in Africa.

Our Core Values

Collaboration: At GLEEHD Foundation, we believe in working with individuals and organizations, and forming alliances to achieve common goals. We encourage and value effective partnerships.

Community: We believe in involving our communities in our work through volunteerism and partnership, and promoting concern and respect for others.

Ambition: We are driven by our mission to promote Africa renaissance by fostering good governance and democracy.

Fun: We encourage creativity and promote activities to make work fun. We also engage volunteers and other entities in activities geared towards strengthening positive relationships.

Leadership: As an international organization, we believe in setting high standards and engaging both internal and external communities to achieve our mission.

Results: Because changing lives and nations is our aim, achieving results is a top priority. Our team works hard together to deliver value.

Innovation: We believe in using new and valuable ideas and approaches to achieve success and make our society better.

Commitment: At GLEEHD Foundation, commitment is one of the pillars on which we stand. We are committed to changing lives and making a difference in our generation and beyond, through focus and dedication in our work.

Integrity: We adhere strictly to our ethics and remain true to our mission. We are committed to delivering excellence and value in all we do.

Learning: To ensure we deliver excellent services to the society, we constantly improve ourselves by broadening our knowledge, learning new skills and encouraging exchange of ideas.

Our Vision:  Our vision is an African in which everyone can achieve their potentials with government truly serving the people.

Our Mission:  To engage African leaders and empower the people towards achieving a sustainable Africa