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The number of young people in Africa will grow to nearly one billion by 2050. The future, certainly, belongs to the young ones! At GLEEHD, we ensure the holistic empowerment of youth and children, as well as women; the most vulnerable in the society. We also address issues of reproductive health, HIV/ AIDS, among others. GLEEHD Foundation is driven towards enabling children and young people living in Africa, develop and attain their full potential as productive, considerate and responsible citizens.

How we are making change happen

Child right advocacy: The protection of children is the primary responsibility of all. It is our work at GLEEHD to ensure that the governments, through institutions, wake up to their responsibilities to ensure that the rights of children are upheld at all times. We, therefore,

  • Organize child right trainings for primary and secondary caregivers at all level.
  • Help government to create alternatives to custodial sentence where possible for young offenders and also introduce reintegration programs for young people in conflict with the law.
  • Develop curriculum for children’s rights and strengthen the capacity of CSOs to engage with stakeholders on issues affecting children.
  • Mark and celebrate relevant international and national days for children to further create awareness on the plight of children in Africa.
  • Promote child participation and programs to empower children to learn and practice citizenship over the course of their transit to adulthood.
  • Develop and strengthen the use of children’s parliament as an advocacy tool in Africa.

Youth development: It is important to develop a framework that guides communities and government institutions on services, opportunities and support that are needed to help young people to develop to their full potential. To achieve this, we:

  • Work with policy makers and government in developing a better understanding and knowledge of the needs and priorities of African Youths at home, as well as those in the diaspora, through youth program/conferences both at national and international level
  • Promote community action through sports initiatives
  • Develop various volunteering schemes that gives youths the opportunity to contribute to transformational change in Africa
  • Organize Conferences and Seminars on Youth Participation in Development
  • Introduce programs that support safe internet activities
  • Organize an annual international summer school for young Africans and a Youth economic forum on Africa
  • Disseminate sound knowledge about HIV/AIDS to empower adolescents and people living with HIV/AIDS in their choices and behavior.


Women development and empowerment: Empowering women economically, socially, politically and being responsive to their overall wellbeing, is a key to ensuring Sustainable Livelihood and Social Justice. We are doing this by;

  • Introducing programs that help to reduce illiteracy among women in Africa.
  • Bridging the access to micro-finance scheme for women and young farmers.
  • Organizing seminars on human rights, women empowerment and climate change for CSOs and government.
  • Engaging government at all level on the need to promote policies that encourage more women participation in African political scene.
  • Collaborating with reputable financial institution on the need to provide financial loans for small scale enterprises for women.
  • Hosting exchange programs for young African women


Reproductive health, WASH Advocacy, HIV/AIDS: Building the capacity of CSOs to tackle the scourge of HIV/AIDS and promoting best practices on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) as well as reproductive health among women, are crucial to achieving Sustainable Livelihood and Social Justice. To this end, we:

  • Produce programs that would promote safe WASH education and respect for the environment
  • Commission programs that promote adolescent sexual and reproductive health
  • Introduce mentorship programs for students, young entrepreneurs, child soldiers and HIV/AIDS victims
  • Disseminate sound knowledge about HIV/AIDS to empower adolescents in their choice and behaviors

Success stories

Here are some of our achievements in Children, Youth and Gender Development:

  • Over 20,000 Youths have benefited directly through GLEEHD’s various Training programs and conferences.
  • We have facilitated and organized in partnership with other organisations various exchange programs for young people and women including the Africa’s Emerging Leaders Delegation to Atlanta and North Carolina since 2013 in partnership with A.D King Foundation USA, Nigerian Consulate Atlanta, and Africa Bureau for Legislative Empowerment; the Global Young Leaders Delegation to Canada and the Emerging Leaders Delegation to Spain and more that have created opportunities for knowledhe and cultural exchange for young women and emerging leaders.
  • We organized a Nationwide School Tours featuring educated Celebrities and Entertainers going into High Schools (Public and Private) to inspire Students to pursue education with their talent. The program began in Lagos and has extended to Osun State.
  • We hosted a Diaspora Young Professionals Delegation to Nigeria 2013 (From the UK and USA) in partnership with AFFORD UK, Africa Bureau for Legislative Empowerment, Office of the Deputy Governor of Osun State, Office of Senator Omoworare, National Daily Newspaper and others – as part of a DiasporaGive initiative which saw the professionals volunteer in local communities in Nigeria.
  • We co-organized the AFARA Youth Exchange program to Detroit Michigan USA 2012 in Partnership/with support from the US Consulate General, YYC, Detroit Tech Town, Michigan Association of Female Entrepreneur, RCCG Detroit, Office of the Mayor of Southfield Michigan, Office of Senator Omoworare, Africa Bureau for Legislative Empowerment and other partners that provided an opportunity for international internship experience and community volunteering for the participant.
  • We facilitated a Nigerian Youth in North America Exchange Program to Nigeria 2010 with support of the Lagos State House of Assembly  
  • We successfully hosted the b-annual International Summer School for Young African Leaders supported by the Africa Leadership Forum of President Olusegun Obasanjo, British Council, Virgin Nigeria and other organizations.
  • We successfully hosted the Intergenerational Dialogue between African Youth and African Leaders – Abuja 2005 in partnership with ICASA (International Conference on HIV/AIDS in Africa) Secretariat
  • We sent a delegation of Emerging African leaders to the International Summer School for Young Activist in Atlantic College South Wales UK in 2002 with the support of British Council Nigeria, CIVA, ECONET Nigeria (now Airtel Nigeria), KIND, and other partners.
  • We participated in the UN Special Session on Children, Nigerian Education Summit, UN High Level Summit on Youth and other international meeting where we made interventions on the issues that were affecting the development of African youths.